Cordless-Battery Wall-Mount Lamp – Mixed Colors

 InteliEnergy Cordless-Battery Wall-Mount Lamp - mixed colors

Choose your favorite color combination. Select from a Warm or Cool Bright LED light output.

    Color Combinations
    Crimson Crimson Blue
    Crimson Crimson Orange
    Aqua Lime Aqua
    White Blue Crimson
    Gray Orange Lime
    Yellow Lime Blue
    Yellow Lime Aqua
    White Crimson Orange
    LED Light Brightness

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    5W Solar Panel Accessory

    $ 28

    Take your lamp off-grid by adding a solar panel. The InteliEnergy lamp has the intelligence to charge from one solar panel and additional solar panels.

    Adding a 5W solar panel to your allows charging of the lamp in standard sunlight conditions. Adding a second solar panel allows for the USB device charging in low sunlight conditions, and adds the ability to charge the lamp batteries and a connected USB device at the same time in full sun.

    • The rugged Solar Panel made of an aluminum frame and tempered glass.
    • 15-foot cable, with plug that fits InteliEnergy Lamps is included.

    NOTE: A Multiple Solar Panel SYCable is needed to properly plug two solar panels into the InteliEnergy Lamp at the same time.

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