InteliEnergy Lighting Solutions Lamp details

The Lamp that Pays For Itself

The InteliEnergy Lamp’s smart and efficient LED lighting provides the best illumination per dollar of energy — hands down. With patented power processing, rechargeable battery options, available solar panel, long lasting LEDs and durable materials throughout, the InteliEnergy Lamp will reliably light your space and keep your cell phone, tablet, camera and other USB devices powered for daily use.

Your Lamp, Built the Way You Want It

The InteliEnergy Lamp is built upon a flexible, modular system that allows you to customize your lamp to exactly match your space and taste.

  • Charge your Cordless-Battery Base by solar panel or wall/power adaptor
  • The Wall-Power Base is powered by a wall adaptor 
  • The Cordless-Battery Base has one USB port producing 0.6A
  • The Wall-Power Base has two USB ports, one producing 1A (ideal for smart phones), the other producing 2A (ideal for tablets). Both can be used at the same time.
  • The Wall-Power Base unit produces twice the light output as the cordless/battery unit and has three light intensity settings.

For a detailed feature comparison of the Cordless-Battery Base and the Wall-Power Base, click here. 

See the Light — So Many Uses

Right out of the box, the Cordless-Battery Base model can be used as a flashlight, a table lamp, or it can be mounted on the wall. Rotate the arm, tilt the lamp shade, and bring the light to where you need it most. The Cordless-Battery Base acts as an integrated shelf for your charging USB device, and the feet hooks provide a way to hang your lamp and wrap your USB cables out of the way.

A wall mount bracket is included with every InteliEnergy Lamp (and 2 brackets are included with every cordless base). Additional wall brackets can be purchased, allowing you to easily relocate your InteliEnergy Lamp to wherever you need it. When wall mounted or sitting on your favorite desk, simply rotate the arm or tilt the lamp shade to direct the light to your liking.


Choose your InteliEnergy Lamp Colors


Depending on your decor or unwavering allegiance to your favorite school of higher learning, the InteliEnergy Lamp components are available in a wide range of colors to help you blend in or stand out — it’s your choice.

Your InteliEnergy Lamp can be a traditional, elegant solid color from top to bottom, or you can mix and match the color of the Base, Arm and Shade to create your own, very unique InteliEnergy Lamp statement. Just click over to the InteliEnergy Lamp Store and tell us what you’d like.

Mix & Match with: 

8 InteliEnergy Lamp colors to choose from

Long Story, Short

And don’t forget, you have a choice of a long 11-inch arm or a short 2-inch arm to perfectly fit your space. For an InteliEnergy Lamp primarily used as a desk lamp, you may want to select the long arm. For an InteliEnergy Lamp primarily used as a wall-mounted lamp, the short arm may make the most sense. 

You’re Getting Warmer, Or Cooler. It’s Your Choice.

The InteliEnergy Lamp is so flexible and customizable, at the time of purchase you can even select the type of light output to best meet your needs. Choose from a warm, incandescent-type light output, or a cooler, bright-white florescent type light. There are even optional lens covers available for setting some mood lighting and frosted, soft lighting output.

It’s all about reliability. Period.

The InteliEnergy Lamp is smart and it keeps itself healthy in so many ways. With the use of solid-state light emitting diodes (LEDs), controlled by pulse-width modulation to guarantee that the LEDs never overheat, the InteliEnergy Lamp provides a lifetime of failure-free performance. There’s even heat sensors in the Cordless Base model that monitors the battery compartment, and will halt the charging operation if the ambient temperature gets too high.

The lamp’s lightweight but tough, heavy-duty polymer body protects the intelligent solid-state circuitry within, which is all monitored by microprocessor for optimum performance. And with a button interface built upon a set of no-fail switches — similar to the touch-sensitive operation found on smart phones — you’ll never have to worry about mechanical switch failure.

As an added benefit — to save you money and to respect the environment — the InteliEnergy Lamp is fully repairable.

InteliEnergy Rechargable Lamp system with USB device charging brings convenience to dorms

Knowledge is Power

With the InteliEnergy Lamp, you have a powerful range of choices to perfectly meet your energy needs. Simply put, you can bring the power to your InteliEnergy Lamp with a standard, universal wall plug or a choice of solar panels (Cordless Base model) for your initial power source. Either of these sources can power your lamp and feed a range of rechargeable batteries (Cordless Base model) selected to meet your specific performance needs.

Energetic Cordless-Battery Base Options

With the universal battery charger, enabled by patent pending technology, the InteliEnergy Lamp can charge all rechargeable battery chemistries available in AA/14500 body size:

  • NiCad
  • NiMH (a good alternative)
  • LFP (supplied standard)
  • LiIon

Because the InteliEnergy Lamp is also a universal battery charger, you can charge AA/14500 batteries from other devices in the lamp to get the fastest charge times possible.

And just to expand on how smart the InteliEnergy Lamp really is, patent-pending technology allows the lamp to automatically identify the batteries as they’re installed, and the lamp initiates an optimized charging sequence based on the battery type to maximize lamp operation and longevity of battery life. 

InteliEnergy Battery Charging Option

It’s smart to know that your InteliEnergy Lamp will operate even with standard, non-chargeable batteries as well. When needed, you can install alkaline or other non-chargeable batteries to run your lamp. The lamp will auto-sense the non-rechargeable batteries to prevent any damage to the lamp or the batteries.

Your batteries will never be overcharged or undercharged. The batteries are always protected, even when power is plugged into the lamp. The InteliEnergy Lamp automatically turns off when the battery charge drops below the programmed threshold, and completely isolates from the rest of circuit for long-term storage without permanent damage to batteries. 

Customizable InteliEnergy lamp to fit your unique space and style needs

Here’s a Smart Option — Operate Your Lamp for FREE

The Cordless-Battery Base model InteliEnergy Lamp makes it easy to get off the grid. When combined with any of our available solar panels, your InteliEnergy Lamp can harvest the sun’s energy to charge the lamp batteries and your USB devices (cell phone, tablet, camera), for free.

InteliEnergy Lamp keeps getting easier by Auto-sensing when a solar panel is plugged in, Auto-sensing available power from the solar panel and Auto-sensing when a wall adaptor is in use.

Status LEDs let you know status of battery charging, status of charge power, and if there are any faults (over temperature, non-chargeable batteries installed, too low solar power).

Strike a Balance of Power 

InteliEnergy Cordless-Battery Base Model Light Intensity Settings


The Timer is On Your Side

The Cordless-Battery Base model also features a two-hour timer. Set the timer and it will run for 2 hours, even if the light intensity is changed. Pressing off will turn off the timer too.

The Wall-Power Base has three timers: 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour. Set the timer and it will run for the set time, even if the light intensity is changed. Pressing off will turn off the timer too.