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Elevate Technologies is committed to providing our customers with the latest technology, the most reliable products and maintaining the highest levels of service, value and quality. Our products and businesses practices support the protection of valuable global resources, and promote human rights and fair trade practices. If you ever have an issue or concern with any Elevate Technologies product, please contact us at:

700 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 366-4130


We're very proud to partner with other Central California organizations who share our values. Please take some time to learn more about our local partners:

Bitwise Industries – The mothership of technological education, collaboration and innovation in Fresno. Elevate Technologies' main office and assembly facility is located within the Bitwise business center.  

Neighborhood Thrift – A place where development is a lifestyle. Elevate Technologies' production, assembly, and freight and transportation service employees are hired through Neighborhood Thrift.  

NCI Affiliates – Dedicated to providing services that encourage and support individuals with disabilities. The NCI network provides order fulfillment and product shipping services for Elevate Technologies.  See how NCI is working to make a difference here.


John Ellenberger Biography Introduction

Just a few weeks later, his high school sweetheart and bride of 33 years went into the hospital. There, after a 35-day hospital stay — the culmination of a valiant 9-year battle with a rare autoimmune disease — he lost her.

With his wife passed and his six adult children out on their own, John was now an empty nester. He sold the family home and other assets and embarked on an international venture to research and develop a “wild and crazy” idea that he had. This idea? He would become a social entrepreneur by starting a company with the following goals:

  • Design and manufacture renewable energy products and services that uniquely benefit low-income people around the world.
  • Share the company’s profits to help fund like-minded non-profits.
  • Employ, train, and provide entrepreneurial business opportunities for the chronically unemployed, worldwide.

Early in product development, John realized his Stanford graduate degree in mechanical engineering and his industry experience were insufficient for him to design all aspects of the initial products he envisioned. This “old dog” needed to learn some new tricks.

John accomplished the monumental feat of teaching himself the electrical engineering and microprocessor programming skills needed to craft high-quality, user-friendly solar energy products. This multi-year quest resulted in the creation of innovative products and several patent applications. Elevate Technologis Corp. is now producing a series of InteliEnergy lighting solutions, with more products in development.

Through this remaking process, John negotiated intense grief and intense happiness, developed a deeper faith, deeper friendships and a deeper compassion for others.

John married the second love of his life, Linda, in June of 2012, and with her help, John embraced new nutrition and exercise habits and a new lifestyle that added, in-line skating and rock climbing to his life-long enjoyment of cycling.

John navigated a path of much loss and change. He has remade himself into a healthy and motivated man who is taking a risk to create a company that will help improve lives and protect our valuable resources. Now at 57, after all he’s been through, in many ways, it feels like John is just getting started.